Autonomous LTE Networking.

The EmergenCell comes packaged with everything you need to create a fully-functioning, self-contained LTE network. Set it up, plug it in, turn it on, and watch phones connect. All within thirty minutes.


Support other carriers' phones automatically.

When disaster strikes, you don't have time to hand out SIM cards. As a part of the Public Safety Broadband Network (PSBN), EmergenCell will leverage roaming agreements to safely support all phones within range, regardless of home carrier - and as carriers restore service, phones will seamlessly leave the network and return home.


Emergency webservices come preinstalled.

In more and more situations, people rely on their phones for up-to-date information. Crowd-sourced maps, a "last-seen" name registry, and the ability to directly communicate with emergency workers all help keep people safe, informed, and calm. Even better, these services come preinstalled on the box, so there's no need for an Internet connection.